Project 2: What next?

January 13, 2011

Today was the day I had hoped to share a photo of a happy baby snug in her new ring sling, but I never had a chance to take one. As soon as I put the baby in the sling she fell asleep. When she woke up I put her in the sling, and she promptly fell asleep again! She slept until her mama came to get her. Then we got a nice layer of ice on our roads and she didn’t come to my house the next day, so I won’t get another try until Friday. As soon as I have a photo I’ll be sure to post it.

Me sewing french seams

In the meantime, a suggestion in yesterday’s comments led me to the Baby K’tan. I found a good pattern description in the Mothering.com forums, so I decided to make one. I still had the extra king sized sheet I didn’t use for the sling which was wide enough to double each length for extra support. Since my problem with the sheet was that it had some holes this seemed like a good use for the fabric.

The construction of the k’tan was as easy as could be. I just cut my doubled widths and sewed them into tubes, then joined the edges with french seams (my first time trying those). The forum post mentioned that it is easier to use the k’tan without the ring that joins the two loops together, so I left that off. The end of my sheet will be the support sash that ties around the outside of the k’tan. I’ll try to get a photo of the baby in that wrap tomorrow, too. Stay tuned!

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