Project 3: Acquiring supplies

January 18, 2011

I had two missions yesterday: to select a sweater at the thrift store for my boots project, and to choose an embroidery design for the cuff. I kind of failed at both.

My favorite embroidery design at Urban Threads is their pirate map. I had envisioned a tan or brown sweater with this great pirate map embroidered on the cuff. However, the smallest size they have available is 5.78″ x 4.24″ which is way too big for my boots.

Then again, I failed in my attempt to find a tan or brown sweater. I went to the same thrift store that I visited for project 1 and they once again had a great selection. I wasn’t too concerned about the fiber content this time, but if I was doing another pillow project I could have brought home several lovely lambswool and merino sweaters. This time my goals were simple: a tan or brown sweater with large sleeves, a tight knit, and no texture or pattern. This being my first time trying these boots I didn’t want to also have to worry about evenly lining up a texture or pattern while sewing.

So what did I buy? A lovely ribbed cotton/ramie black sweater with a thin navy stripe on the trim. I spotted a couple of tan, brown and even green sweaters in the store, but I absolutely fell in love with the black one. It reminds me of a sweater I used to own. I wore it until it fell apart and even then only reluctantly parted with it. The ribbing on this one may make the sewing a little trickier, but I’m up to the challenge!

I think I’ve settled on a celtic knot embroidery design in greys and blues, but I’m not quite sure yet. I’m open to suggestions.

Next step: making boots.

Project 3 supplies

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