Project 3: Lessons learned

January 21, 2011

One boot is (almost) done! I successfully removed the water soluble stabilizer under the embroidery pattern last night. I was kind of nervous about that part because I’d never used it before and I wasn’t sure how it would work. Turns out it worked like a charm. Now I have one boot sewn up but it’s not staying up on my leg like I want it to. It’s pretty cute slouchy, but if I wear it like this too long it’s going to drive me crazy. I’m thinking a run to the store for some elastic may be in order later this afternoon or tomorrow.

So here are some lessons learned even though the project isn’t yet done:

– I can accomplish things when I’m sick, albeit more slowly than I’d like to. This is a corollary to the next lesson…

– It is still possible to get something accomplished after a long and tiring day. My usual tendency is to rest and recover after a long day, but this week I had to push through or I’d have nothing to show you. I was tired, but it worked.

– A little embellishment kicks a plain article of clothing up a notch. These boots were fun plain, but the embroidery turns them into something special.

– I have the ability to customize things to fit me and my personality. Also, having a strong preference for colors, styles and designs makes it easier to complete projects for myself. Walking into the fabric store with an idea of my favorite colors and textiles, or browsing embroidery designs with an idea of the kinds of symbols I like, cuts down on the amount of time spent looking.

– Taking the photo of an item can be just as difficult as making the item in the first place.

And on that note, this is the photo I have so far. I hope to have a better one when the second boot is done and I figure out how to keep them up on my legs:

Finished boot

Watch for an update about these boots over the weekend. Then we’ll move on to next week’s project where I’ll be working with metal, but not in the way that you think. See you then!

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