Project 4: Anodizing Aluminum

January 24, 2011

Photo from West Loop Anodizing

This week I’m going to anodize some aluminum cookware and dye it bright pink. I have been wanting to do this ever since I first found out that anodizing was something that one could do at home. For this project I’m going to do it at TechShop where the anodizing rig is already set up.

Join me as I learn about anodization, source some plain aluminum cookware, and probably run a few test batches. Hopefully I’ll have time before Friday to test the pans for color fastness while cooking.

Photo from West Loop Anodizing


  1. So… who knew you could do something like this at home??? I sure didn’t. Can’t wait to see the finished results! But darn, I definitely don’t have any time to try it myself, I’m trying to stay focused on my knitting.

  2. I don’t think this should be considered a failure. Perhaps if you failed to learn something, even if it’s what not to do, or failed to try in the first place it could be considered a failure. I think taking on all of these projects is an accomplishment unto itself and you should be proud of the experience, even if the results aren’t quite what you had in mind.

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