Project 4: Lessons learned

January 28, 2011

Anodized test piece

I’m including this photo to show that anodizing really does work. This test piece is from the class I took several months ago. It used to be a shiny aluminum rectangle, and now it’s dark blue. I’m bummed that I didn’t end the week with bright pink cookware, but I know how I could do better next time. I’m going to try to anodize my pots again later in the year.

What happened this week? Well…

Lessons learned:

– The theme of this week was lack of preparation. I didn’t have enough dye, I didn’t find the final pieces I wanted to anodize, and I didn’t leave myself enough time to do everything I needed to do. All of these together added to failure.

– I need to learn more about how to calculate the electrical settings before next time. I also need to learn how to choose the right aluminum pieces so that I can narrow down my problems when the pieces fail. Right now it’s all still a big mystery.

– Anodizing is still awesome, even if I didn’t get much of a chance to show you that this week. I hope you’ll join me in a few months when I have another chance to try.

Next week: a recovery project. Maybe some paper folding. I’m looking forward to getting my confidence back!

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  1. Good luck!

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