Project 6: Lessons learned

February 11, 2011

Homemade paper

Lessons learned:

– I am a champion procrastinator and this trait will not serve me well during this blog project. There are some seriously time consuming projects coming up. If I try to leave them until the last minute I will fail.
– It seems to me that papermaking is something where you can do the messiest part in a big batch and then stretch out the tedious draining and drying part over more days. For example, I could dump the slurry in the bin and whip out a few more pages now without needing to fling paper pulp all over my kitchen again.
–  I need to experiment more with my camera settings.

Later today I may post a photo of the final card that I’m sending to my parents for their anniversary using this paper. I also might start next week’s project which is bound to take quite a lot of time. I hope you’ll check back!

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