Project 13: Pysanky process

March 31, 2011

pysanky collage

The pysanky process isn’t too complicated. You scoop up a bit of wax into the kistka, melt it over the candle, and use the tool to draw wax lines on your egg. The wax preserves the color beneath it. You then dip it into the dye, draw more wax lines, and dip it again into another color. Above you can see my plain white egg with the first wax lines (top left), then the yellow egg with my original wax lines protecting the shiny white (top right). You can also see what the egg looks like as I drew more lines and dipped the egg into more dyes (bottom left and right).

Drawing straight lines was complicated. Getting the tool to draw consistently and not make huge drips all over was also a challenge. This is the sort of craft that gets better with a clearer understanding of design and more practice. Still, I enjoyed my first attempts. It was a fun process to learn and I hope I get to try again sometime.

The final step, after all of the designing, drawing, and dyeing is done, is to melt and wipe off all of the wax (hopefully without burning your fingers). Some people then varnish their eggs, but we didn’t.

Finishing pysanky

In this photo you can see Laurie melting and wiping the wax from her completed egg with another egg in the background.

Check back tomorrow for photos of completed eggs and lessons learned.

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