Project 13: Lessons learned

April 1, 2011

My pysanky eggs

Here are my first completed pysanky eggs. I’m pleased with the process if not with the final products. They certainly don’t look like the examples on the Wikipedia page, but they’re mine and I’m glad to have learned how to make them. I’ll show you my friends’ finished eggs at the end of this post.

Lessons learned:
– My creative process involves a bit of research and contemplation before I get around to action. I’ve guessed this in the past, but now I know for sure. When faced with a blank egg and not much of an idea of how the process works I’m kind of stunned into inaction.
– I have some fun and talented friends.
– I don’t have much artistic ability, but I have fun trying.

If you would like to make your own pysanky you can order the supplies from the Ukranian Gift Shop online.

Now for the better eggs:

Laurie's first pysanky

Laurie tells me she threw the purple one away because she didn’t like it. The other one is happily sitting on her kitchen table.

And my friend the instructor’s egg:

Andrea's pysanka

I wish it was in better focus. She took a break to make soup in the middle of decorating that egg and it’s still the most beautiful of all of them. Many thanks to Andrea for teaching us!

I have a small jewelry project on my list for next week, but you never know what might come up between now and then. See you Monday!

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