Project 14: Bead loom

April 6, 2011

Bead supplies

I don’t remember where I got my first bead loom. I have no memory of making one, but I remember that I used a board with small nails in it all through my beading phase in college. I thought maybe I still had it somewhere, but a quick look through an old trunk yielded close to nothing (more on that later). So last night I persuaded my husband to help me make another one.

We rummaged around in our utility room to find an appropriately sized board and nails.

Loom supplies

I measured around my wrist and added an extra two inches, then marked the board for the nails. I figured 10 nails on each end would work. My husband took over when it became apparent that I was not going to manage getting all 10 nails in without bending them in every direction.

Loom nailsAlso, because it was late and I was tired and frustrated. Thanks husband!

There are other ways to make your own bead loom. Here are instructions to make yours out of a shoebox lid: project at BeadingDaily.com

As I was digging around in my trunk of old college things I discovered a box with beading supplies in it. In that box was an actual bead loom! I have a vague memory of someone gifting me with their old beading supplies, but I have no recollection of who that was. If you’re reading this thank you! I may use that loom for a later project.

Now I’m ready to start my project. Check back tomorrow to see how it’s going.

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