Project 15: Finding materials

April 12, 2011

Wine crates

The wine crate planter project captured Laurie’s imagination after she saw it in a gardening book. Her first mission was to find wine crates. These aren’t the sorts of things that people tend to have laying around. After a hunt she managed to buy some from a woman who had some in her basement. They’re beautiful items that make a statement, but they didn’t exactly make for free and easy planters like the book suggested.

If you want to build planters from reclaimed materials you might want to start closer to home. Check out these chairs and hanging football planters, this basketball planter, or these rain boots for inspiration. If you happen to have some empty wine crates sitting around all the better!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the beginning of the wine crate planter building process.

One comment

  1. […] learned: –  Like I mentioned before, the purpose of the inspiration project was to make garden planters from free materials. But […]

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