Project 15: The build

April 14, 2011

Because I missed yesterday’s post I’m going to have to make today’s doubly long. Here are some of my favorite pictures from building day at Laurie’s house:

Danish oil

The first step was to rub Danish oil into the wood. You can see in this photo how it brings out the natural beauty of the wood. It’s also a waterproof sealer so it’s good for outdoor applications.

Bottom supports

Laurie then added supports to the bottom of the crates. These gave her something to connect the feet to and helped hold up the cracked boards.


See the feet?

Drainage holes

Laurie then added drainage holes to the floor of her planter.


Then it was time to add more personality and functionality to the planter. Laurie wanted corner posts to both look beautiful and hold up any covering she may need to put on her plants. Here she is cutting those boards.


She attached finials to the tops of the corner posts and secured them into place.

Hard at work

Laurie did a lot of work on her planter (I helped a little bit!). Tomorrow I’ll show you the finished product and share some lessons learned.

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