Project 15: Completed planter and lessons learned

April 15, 2011

Finished planter

Behold the completed wine crate planter! We staged some vegetable starts in it so we could see it with something inside, but eventually Laurie will fill the planter with soil and plant directly in it. I hope she’ll let me see it when it is full of lush, beautiful plants.

Lessons learned:
–  Like I mentioned before, the purpose of the inspiration project was to make garden planters from free materials. But without a free source of wine crates and the other hardware involved the project wasn’t at all free. If you really want to be resourceful there are lots of other things you can use as a planter.
– Being flexible with your design helps when confronted with a lack of ideal tools. Laurie ended up changing the design of her posts when it turned out she needed to use a hand saw instead of a circular saw for the cuts. The end result still looks great.
– This week I took a bit of a breather and helped a friend with her project. It was fun, though I kind of missed having one of my own going on (I’m busily working away on a project that will be featured in a couple of weeks, so don’t think I’m idle over here).

I hope you enjoyed Laurie’s project this week! Join me next week as I let you into my kitchen for an annual Easter tradition.

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