Project 16: Finished cheese Pascha

April 24, 2011

Cheese Pascha

Yay Pascha! My cheese Pascha turned out great this year. The texture was smooth and creamy and it wasn’t too sweet. We barely made a dent in this one and there is a whole second one in the fridge for the picnic later today.

Lessons learned:
– Be sure you have all of your equipment before starting this project. I’m pretty sure I made the recipe with too much fromage blanc because our kitchen scale is missing. Also, I think I don’t have to make 4 gallons of milk worth of cheese next year. Two may be plenty.
– This cheese is worth the hard work when you see the looks on your friends’ faces at 3am on Easter morning. Yum.

See you next week for something non edible.


  1. it looked perfect.

  2. Part of this is now in my gut! 🙂 Yummy yummy!

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