Project 17: Planet progress

April 27, 2011

Planet progress

I started this project the first week of April because I had a hunch it would take me longer than a week to cross stitch 9 planets. What I learned is that it takes me about a week to do each one. I hope to finish Jupiter by Friday and will continue as I find time until all of them are done. Mine are a little bit bigger than the ones in the example photo. The pattern creator was able to find 14 count fabric (14 stitches per inch) and all I could find in the black was 18 count. I also haven’t yet quite decided how to make them into coasters. Hopefully by the time you check back tomorrow I’ll have some done!


  1. I usually iron on that adhesive paper to the back and then sew a backing fabric and then reverse and insert a plastic canvas to stiffen it… Though that would be the process for a bookmark, say. And those aren’t round, so this is an interesting puzzle. In order to insert a one you may have to hand stitch half the circle closed. Maybe you know this already but clip the inside seam allowances every half inch so that it can turn out flat when you reverse it.

    A question: did you include pluto?

  2. I loved seeing this project in person. I am looking forward to seeing them finished! Thanks for joining me today at DownTown Knits today.

  3. Very cute. Really enjoying all your crafts. I am not sure if you have the number of your followers, but I just unsubscribed to the email feed. Please don’t feel that someone has stopped watching your endeavours, it is just that i get the emails and RSS feed, so I was doubling up.

    Your blog has really inspired me.

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