Project 18: Budget and materials

May 3, 2011

I have a weekly budget for my blog projects. Usually I come pretty close to it, but I’ve been purposefully trying to spend less these past few weeks because I knew this week would be huge. Let me give you a run down of what I got:

– My goal for the boards was to find something 8′ long that was already white. I was fortunate to find this prefinished lattice moulding (which was labeled as batten at my local store) for a reasonable price. A kind store employee cut my boards in half for me.

– A staple gun that doubles as a brad nailer, plus brads.

– A level.

– Two gallons of paint: one contractor grade white paint with an eggshell finish, the other a flat finish by Valspar in sandalwood.

– Misc painters tape, rollers, and brushes.

I had made a math mistake at home and so I ended up with more batten boards than I needed. Fortunately I realized my mistake in time to put some of them back while the man was cutting them in half, or I’d have enough to do the whole house. Instead I probably have enough left over to do the guest room (which is a project for another year).

Armed with my supplies I headed home where my industrious friends were waiting to help me. More tomorrow!

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