Project 18: The process

May 5, 2011

Battens in a row

Once you have your materials it’s pretty easy to install a faux board and batten finish. I say faux because we didn’t put up any boards. Traditionally the battens were used to hide gaps in wooden sheets that were tacked up to the wall. In our case we all tend to have drywall already, so the battens are decorative. It’s still a neat effect in an otherwise featureless room.

Installing battensTo install the battens we leveled them vertically every 30 inches and nailed them to the wall. In retrospect it would have been nice to have made sure the tops all lined up, but such is the lot of the beginner. We didn’t make any mistakes my husband couldn’t fix with a saw later.

While that was going on, another friend was painting the top portion of my wall a green color that coordinates with my bedding. Later we would install a header board to separate the white on the bottom from the green on top (photos tomorrow).

Finally we painted the bottom portion of the wall a shinier white color to bring it all together. The result should be a room with more character and architectural interest. Stay tuned for final photos tomorrow!

One comment

  1. I cannot WAIT to see the finished room!

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