Project 19: Finally sewing

May 12, 2011

Sewing supplies

Despite a mild fever and just generally feeling rotten, last night I decided it was time to start sewing my curtains. I had already purchased the fabric for both the front and the lining but was a little nervous about cutting them. Selecting yardage for a project is kind of a mystery to me. I had brought a friend with me who has more experience in home projects than I do and this was a good thing when we got to the cutting counter and had to make quick decisions. Still, I wasn’t terribly confident that I had made the right choices. So I laid everything out on my bed (the largest work surface in the house) and started measuring.

Everything went very smoothly. I pinned and ironed and hemmed and pinned and ironed again. Halfway through sewing the first panel I discovered that I was doing it all wrong, but I kept going and it turned out ok.

Now I have two panels that are (hopefully) the correct size for my window but which are still open at the top. I also have fabric tubes waiting to be turned into tab tops. Today I’ll pin all of that together and give it a quick finishing run through the machine before heading out to work on the roman shades this evening.

Finished project tomorrow, I hope!

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