Project 19: Roman shades

May 13, 2011


This is Dara. She is the creative genius behind Li Sashay, a local clothing design company. She generously offered to collaborate with me on my roman shades as part of her 40 Days of Summer project.

Dara ironingWe met in the sewing room at TechShop last night to tackle my giant bolt of white cloth. She knows way more than I do about sewing! Every so often she’d say something (ex: “I have twill tape”) that made me just stop and stare at her like she was speaking a different language.  Thankfully she was a patient instructor and made allowances for the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing, even cheerfully ripping out a whole 8 foot row of my stitches that had wandered around a bit too freely.

She ironed, pinned and fixed the sewing machine while I did my best to sew straight lines and get the roman shades done in our time together.

We made great progress and got most of the sewing done last night. Now I just need to finish the last few rows of stitches and add the hardware. I may not have a reveal to post today or tomorrow, but be assured that it will come soon! (Unlike project 17, which is still languishing…)

Industrial sewing machine

Check out this beast of a machine we used!

This project was featured as part of Li Sashay’s 40 Days of Summer projects.


  1. Twill tape? TWILL TAPE? I think she just made that up to look impressive. 🙂

  2. […] hardware. Instead of buying their precut panels I remembered that I have fabric left over from the roman shades project. Hopefully I have […]

  3. […] Dara from Li Sashay was there and was willing to zip a few edges for me. Remember Dara? She’s a […]

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