Project 20: First lamp

May 21, 2011

First lamp

This is my brave husband plugging in the lamp I’d just finished wiring amidst fears of electrocution and/or fire. It worked, and no husbands were harmed in the making of this photo.

Have you ever seen someone do something on tv and are amazed by how easy they made it look? That’s me and these lamps. Back when Trading Spaces was still on (the internet tells me it may still be on tv. Weird) there was a designer who specialized in custom lamps. She built them out of random things, wired them up, and presto! had lamps. Ever since then I have had a vague idea that this was possible for me, but I’d never tried it… until now.

Last night I removed the old fabric-wrapped wiring from my beautiful sconces, replaced it with the wire from the extra set of sconces I bought, and spliced it all together with a regular extension cord. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster held together with electrical tape, but, as you can see in the photo, it has the audacity to work. I am amazed.

I need to run to the hardware store for another extension cord and to Target for lampshades, but sometime tonight I should have two functional lights hung next to my bed and bedroom month will be complete. Stay tuned.

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