Guest Week: Lessons learned

May 27, 2011

Almost finished purse

Here’s the almost finished project!  While working on finishing up, I managed to spill a bunch of my dye (beware doing this!  You can use nail polish remover to get it up, but this will damage many surfaces). I had to order more dye, so I’ll send Amber more pictures of the bag when it is totally complete.

The finished project has a bit of a shine to it, which I really love.  If shiny is not your thing, Angelus makes a paint duller that will make the bag more matte.

I learned a bunch of things doing this project!

1.        Dramatic shifts in color should be done with non penetrating dye.
2.       Acetone (nail polish remover) can be used to fix some mistakes, but may damage your bag.
3.       Your base bag color and dye color should complement each other.  It is hard to find a bag where no element of the original color will be somewhat visible. You can’t dye zippers; if they are visible on your bag you need to pick a complementary dye color.
4.       Simpler bags with less stitching will look best after being dyed.
5.       This project can get expensive!  Between the dye kit(s?) and the bag, you might spend as much it would cost to get a new purse in the color you like.  It is best if you can start with a old bag you own but don’t like or a very cheap thrift store find.
6.       Every purse is a possibility, and dyeing can be just a starting point.  You can add all sorts of details and stitching to you new bag. Also, think beyond bag, since you can dye shoes too.  This is a great way to recycle bags or shoes you would have otherwise thrown out. The possibilities are endless!
7.       Writing up craft blog posts is much harder than I’d have imagined.  Major props to Amber for doing this for 20 weeks now!

Many thanks to Amanda for filling in this week. Your bag is awesome! – A

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