Project 22: Finding a frame

June 7, 2011

Wooden frame

While I love the idea of silver leafing an ornate frame like the beautiful one in yesterday’s post, I thought maybe I should start more simply for my first try. My goal was to find a wooden frame with some detail and width in a size that will fit in my bathroom (you’ll see why next week). The art it came with didn’t matter to me since I had basically planned on putting something else in it anyway. Armed with those specifications I set out to try a new thrift store.

I used to have a favorite thrift store, but I showed up there a couple of years ago to find it closed. Since then I have been going to a couple of smaller ones around town but I haven’t been very happy with them. Yesterday I finally acted on a recommendation to try A Cause for Paws, a local thrift store that benefits pet adoption in our area. I had thought that they only had one location in a part of town I don’t normally go to, but yesterday I learned that they had opened a location right across the street from my old favorite.

It was huge! The store was well organized and everything that I looked at was clearly labeled. I found the frame you see above plus a couple of other things. You can bet I’ll be going back there.

Tomorrow: acquiring the rest of the supplies and starting work.

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