Project 22: Mod Podge

June 9, 2011


I think the first time I heard about Mod Podge was during one of my first jobs out of college. I had a co worker who was decoupaging glass plates. Mod Podge seemed like magical stuff. You put down a layer of it, stick stuff on top, put down another layer and you’re done. How much easier could it be?

Fast forward to last night, my first time using Mod Podge, and I could barely keep from cursing at the stuff. First of all, it smells. Second, it really isn’t as easy to use as I imagined. My tin foil pieces did not want to stick to the frame, and when I tried to rub to get the pattern to come through I ended up moving the pieces or ripping them. What Mod Podge did stick to was my fingers and the newspaper I put down to protect my table.

I was eventually able to get a couple of layers of foil on my frame, though I’ll need to do some finessing once the pieces dry completely. Then I’ll have just one more step before I have a completed project. Check back tomorrow!

Success... mostly

Success! ...mostly


  1. Amber—-this looks really COOL! I love the effect of the different pieces, so maybe the nasty Modpodge did you a bit of a favor. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. I’m sorry you had such troubles. My experience wth mod podge was to stick everythng down w/ rubber cement, let it off gas and then go over it wth mod podge. Not sure if that would have worked for this project though.

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