Project 23: Stalled

June 16, 2011

Scrap bin

I took this photo of the wood scraps bin at TechShop Tuesday night. It was supposed to accompany an inspiring post about using scraps for your woodworking projects.

Last night I took this photo:

Gimpy hand

That’s my hand. I’m taking a few days off from projects to let my poor torn ligament heal (good news: it’s not broken). I’ll return next week to finish project 23 and start project 24, whatever that will be. Hint: it’s probably not knitting.



  1. OUCH!!!! Ugh, Amber! I think this earns you a good long weekend off!!!! Enjoy the PLC and practice your ‘royal wave’ (I think that the Royals-to-be practice with a glove very similar to your cast).

  2. […] project 4? How about project 17? And who could forget last week’s unfinished jewelry box? This week I am going to do my best to finish (or in the case of the planets at least make some […]

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