Project 17: Finished coasters and lessons learned

June 21, 2011

Finished coasters

Hey look! Finished coasters! I never thought I’d see the day. When we last left this project I had worked for a whole month on the needlepoint and had only finished four of nine planets. (Jupiter is almost done and should be finished by the end of the week.) At the time I wasn’t confident in the method I was considering to finish them. Last night I decided to just go for it and I think they turned out ok.

First I cut out each planet and sewed a thin strip of bias tape for a more finished look. I then attached a circle of cork to the fabric with spray adhesive. What was so hard about that?

Cork back

View of the cork backing

Lessons learned:
– I enjoy having a small handwork project to work on in the evenings. Needlepoint is a great option.
–  It would be better to try something and fail than succumb to weeks of analysis paralysis.
– I hate having an undone project hanging over my head.

I’ll work on the rest of the planets from time to time and try to finish all of the coasters by the end of the project. Then we’ll just need to get into the habit of using coasters!

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