Project 24: Warping

June 28, 2011

Cardboard loom

This is the first time in history that my to do list has ever included the instruction: warp loom. The good thing about using a cardboard loom is that you can be set up and weaving in a matter of minutes. The bad thing about it is that you quickly realize that life would be easier with the right tools. I’m committed to using this loom for this week’s project, but if I decide to weave again in the future I may set myself up a backstrap loom. It looks complicated, but I bet it’s great fun to use.

One comment

  1. Off to a good start! One advantage to beginning with a cardboard loom is that you can concentrate on really understanding the basic structure of the weaving itself before going on to bigger projects.

    If you’d like some help getting started with a backstrap loom, let me know – I expect we could arrange to get together.

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