Project 25: Next step

July 8, 2011

Finished quilt top

I accomplished everything I intended to do yesterday. I picked up some cotton batting from the quilt store and cut out and attached the border to my quilt top. Now it is officially done and awaiting the next step: quilting.

This part is making me a little nervous. From reading about it I think I need two more supplies: extra bobbins and a package of safety pins. I also need to make a practice sandwich, as the three layers are called, so I can get my technique down before ruining my whole quilt.

It seems that the most common quilting technique people are using these days is called stippling. To see what I mean check out this video.

She makes it look so easy!

I don’t anticipate having another block of time until Sunday, so it is probably time that I reclaim my dining table and put sewing central away. I’ll update again when I have made some progress.

One comment

  1. Hey, Amber…it’s looking goooorgeous!

    I just saw a show about this technique—did anyone tell you that you have to drop the feed dogs on your sewing machine to do it? The guy teaching also said that it takes practice learning how fast or slow you move the fabric—this woman has obviously done this a time or two before.

    I bet Christina would be helpful, or her mom, if you need it. I just want to come and watch. 🙂

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