Project 26: Plarn

July 11, 2011

Photo by Thoughtful Rose

This week’s project is less of a whole project and more of a project ingredient. I’m going to make plarn. Plarn is yarn made from plastic grocery bags. If I can make enough by the end of the week I may attempt a project using it, but that depends on how quickly I can finish this quilt.

Sneak peek of the quilt’s progress:

Quilt progress

More later!

Plarn bag photo by Thoughtful Rose on Flickr


  1. I LOVE your quilt. It’s so adorable! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at quilting but I am so intimidated by the amount of time I have to be focused on the task at hand without interruptions in order to learn it. I guess I should stick to projects I can do in 15 minute increments, like embroidery. LOL.

    Plarn? I’m skeptical, but maybe you’ll wow me over. 🙂

    • You could quilt in 15 minute increments. I’m kind of surprised at how easy it is to work on the quilt in chunks. It helps that it is made of small pieces that can be tackled individually. Go for it!

  2. I like the look of the plarn, and the idea that the ubiquitous plastic bag will be corralled into something that sturdy and useful.The quilt is beautiful and inspiring, I hope to quilt like that some day!

  3. You are so mean, Amber…OOOOOOOH! I want to touch the quilt! I want to touch the quilt! NOW! Plarn is cool, but the quilt is YUMMY!

  4. My mom crocheted a dozen household rugs from strips of plastic shopping bags when I was in middle school. Bags were heavier then, and had more variety in color. My favorite was the ToysRUs bag that had a rainbow of logos on it. They held up really well under our foot traffic. She said the hard (tedious?) part was cutting the bags into one long strip and rolling into balls for use.

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