Project 27: Rag Rug

July 18, 2011

Rag Rug by MadebyMelody

I was so inspired by all of the great booths at MakerFaire:NC but the woman making rag rugs really caught my attention. I wish I could remember her name! She showed me her technique for cutting rags and displayed her beautiful knit rugs. I had never considered knitting them before.

This week I’m going to cut up some old clothes to make rag strips and then turn them into a rug. We really need to replace our bathmat so hopefully I’ll have enough rags to make a rug that size. Whether I’ll braid it, knit it, or crochet it I don’t know yet.

Have you ever made a rag rug?

Photo by MadebyMelody on Flickr

One comment

  1. Cooooooooooooooooool! Your house is going to look so happy, Amber—I love these!

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