Weekend projects

July 20, 2011

Last weekend I had the opportunity to work on a couple of projects for other people that aren’t part of the list for my blog. It was fun to take some of my new skills and use them to gift friends with handmade stuff. Hm, can I can call machine embroidery handmade?

First, I used the embroidery machine to make these fun burp cloths for a baby shower gift. The patterns are from the always awesome Urban Threads.

Burp cloths

Then on Saturday night I brought my sewing machine to a friend’s house so we could make cushions for her rocking chair. This was the first time I’d completely improvised a sewing project and I am pleased with how it turned out.

Rocking chair

This comfier chair is ready to rock a new baby to sleep!

With each technique I learn as part of this blog project I add a new set of fun gift ideas to my crafting arsenal. I’m excited to put more of these skills into practice.

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