Project 27: Progress

July 26, 2011



Rag rug progress

This rag rug is coming along slower than I thought it would. Last week I happily cut up a few of my old t-shirts and braided them together to make a long rope. The last step is to sew them into a coil, and I predict this is where I will be for a while. It’s not easy to get a needle through all of those layers! I’ve bled for this project several times now and it’s not remotely close to big enough to replace my bathmat. I’ll persevere, though, and one day I will have a nice, cushy rag rug and more space in my t-shirt drawer.

Photo by me, scissors for scale.




  1. Maybe this is a dumb question, but have you tried using a good thimble? I know they help me when I’m hand sewing something tough like shoes. You can use the metal thimble to take the stress as you push it through, instead of your finger. It’s still hard, but it cuts down on injuries.

    • That’s a good idea. Chris told me he would buy me 12 thimbles, one for each finger, because I keep stabbing myself.

  2. Where are all of the blood stains? I think they’d add to the overall effect. 🙂

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