Project 28: Done and lessons learned

July 31, 2011

Music wall

My music wall is done! … for now. I have a feeling it’s the sort of thing I’ll be adding to as I find fun noisemakers. I also have more space leftover than I thought I would so there is plenty of room for more fun.

You can see that I made a sort of xylophone from cardboard tubes, a set of chimes from metal computer parts, and a shaker from a plastic egg in a macrame holder. A metal bar on the bottom gives new standers a place to hold on and also makes a great noise when hit with a drumstick. A utensil holder from Ikea gives us a place to store extra instruments.

I hung a piece of posterboard as a backdrop so we won’t damage the wall and made a simple frame from furring strips (leftover from the nightstands project). They are screwed into studs so the whole thing won’t come down when the babies try to climb it.

Lessons learned:
– The message of the Scrap Exchange is that one man’s trash is another man’s art, but I think one man’s trash can also be another man’s fun toy.
–  Kittens like music walls, too.

The music wall will be put to the real test tomorrow when the baby comes over. I’ll try to get photos or a video of it in action!

Speaking of macrame, come back tomorrow for next week’s project…


  1. Ya-hoooo, Amber! It’s cheery and looks like the kids will have a good time making big musical fun. Can’t wait to see how they like it!

  2. […] is Free-Macrame-Patterns.com. It came through for me when I needed a plastic egg hanger for my music wall. I like the huge variety of knots it has available and the (mostly) clear […]

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