Project 29: Finished watch and lessons learned

August 5, 2011

Completed watch

I made this! It’s big and chunky and has a good weight to it. I kind of love it. The macrame band came together in mere minutes though securing the ends and sewing the clasp on took a bit longer. It was still a really quick and very satisfying project.

Here is a detail photo of the band:

Band detail

I made it using a simple square knot.

And the clasp:


I just overlapped the ends and sewed on a simple snap.

Lessons learned:
– Macrame is seriously underrated.
– At this point in the project I’m feeling like I could make nearly any accessory item I might want.
–  There is nothing like a quick win to energize a person.

I might make a few more of these and put them on Etsy. Would anyone be interested in buying them?

Check back next week for a project using either glass or lasers (or both?).


  1. Nice work!

  2. Nice, you should try micro macrame as well.

  3. Sweet. I love this project. I’ve been getting into knots and fiber lately too.

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