Project 32: Done and lessons learned

August 26, 2011

Finished shades

When am I going to learn to leave myself more time to work on projects? We did all of this last night. Just before 10pm I unrolled my leftover fabric and discovered that I did in fact have enough for the shades. (I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t!) But when I cut the fabric and sat down to hem the panels I realized that what I really needed was a serger. My husband reminded me that it was Thursday and TechShop was open until midnight, so I ran up there hoping someone who knew how to use the serger was there.

Do you see how incredibly badly I was flying by the seat of my pants?

Fortunately Dara from Li Sashay was there and was willing to zip a few edges for me. Remember Dara? She’s a lifesaver.

My husband took down the old blinds and installed the new sliding panel hardware while I sewed on the velcro so we could hung the panels for privacy overnight. This morning I sewed the bottom hems and inserted the weights that make the panels hang straight. They’re lovely.

What was more lovely was the great light coming into my dining room this morning. That room gets direct light first thing in the morning and these shades created a sort of soft box that diffused it everywhere. I might need to take photos in there sometime.

Lessons learned:
– Set aside more time for projects!

Join me next week for some freezer paper stenciling to dress up these very plain shades. See you then!


  1. Hurray!!! They look great—I LOVE the panels. So cool!!! Not bad for flying by the seat of your pants. 🙂

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