Project 33: Freezer paper

August 31, 2011

Freezer paper

Surprise! Freezer paper is available at my local grocery store. This is amazing to me because my local grocery store is small and never seems to have normal things that I am looking for. I didn’t hold out much hope that it would have freezer paper. But there it was, on the top shelf near the plastic wrap, advertising its many craft uses right on the box. I quickly snapped this blurry shot with my cell phone and bought some.

I need to spend some time getting my stencil design right and converting it to a format that will work on the laser. My laser appointment is Thursday night. Then I’ll need to find time to do the actual stenciling. Time is something I am unfortunately short on for the immediate future, so I will do my best to get this done if you will do your best to be patient with me.

Wish me luck!

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