This week: Mobile Fab Lab

October 10, 2011

Mobile Fab Lab

MIT’s Mobile Fab Lab is rolling onto the Brickyard at NC State this week and I’m going to take you there for a peek. You won’t believe the awesome things you (yes, you!) can do here. I’ll also introduce you to a person who is working to bring a permanent Fab Lab to the Triangle and let you know how you can help.

Photo from no-retro.com

One comment

  1. Okay, Amber, this is NOT FAIR! Promises of goodies inside which we can NOT see, dreams of cool stuff that we can NOT make! How much can we take before noon, I ask you! Tomorrow had better be good or the Fab Lab may have to find a new home in the middle of the night (I have a lot of space in my back yard, by the way).

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