Project 42: Materials

November 22, 2011

Shoe supplies

I had a lot of fun choosing materials for the baby shoe project. I knew that I wanted the outer fabric to be a light color with some pattern in a material that could take some abuse. I ended up finding this spotted ivory vinyl in the discount section. It’s really soft and pliable with a fabric back, so I think it will be perfect. The faux leather and the hot pink duck cloth were remnants. Because I don’t need much of each fabric I was able to get some good deals. Then I just needed velcro and bias tape (I bought twill tape because it was the right color) and I’m ready to cut and sew!

The pattern I’ll be following is this one from Suzy at I Just Had To Try This. Her first step is to trace your baby’s foot. Well, the baby wouldn’t cooperate. I pulled out the paper and a pen and all she wanted to do was draw. I won’t have access to the baby’s foot again all week so I’m going to have to wing it. These are a test, I guess. I hope they fit!

Tomorrow: Cutting out the pieces.

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  1. Ditto on yesterday’s comment. 🙂

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