Project 44: Finished ornaments and lessons learned

December 20, 2011

Resin ornament

Here is one of my glittery resin ornaments! Cute, eh? I’m pleased with how they turned out. It took many more days than I expected for the resin to cure. They may even still be a little bit tacky but at least they’re not leaving resin and glitter on my fingers anymore. They even hang pretty evenly.

Lessons learned:
– Resin ornaments are a quick way to whip up a whole lot of little Christmas gifts at once. Just leave them some extra time to cure completely.
– If you can, pour and cure your resin outside. That stuff is stinky.
– Use a fully heat proof vessel for mixing your resin. Styrofoam and thin plastics won’t work.
– Don’t be afraid of resin! Once the chemical reaction is over it’s just an easy(ish) way to make cool stuff.

Next up: finishing up the last handful of projects. Stay tuned!

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