Project 45: Now what?

December 20, 2011

Calendar materials

Once I had my printed fabric sheets for the 2012 calendar I needed to decide what to do with them. I had considered making it into a tea towel, but the texture of the printable sheets wasn’t quite right for that. I picked up some absorbent fabrics to go with it but ended up choosing to make a wall hanging instead.

Above you can see my supplies: flour sack towels, cotton flannel with a cute cherry pattern, some red crochet floss (my favorite part of the finished hanging), some red ribbon, and sewing stuff.

I didn’t take any photos of the sewing process, sorry. Mostly I just cut a flour sack towel in half, measured flannel for a border around the calendar to match the size of the towel, pieced the front together, sewed the back on, and pressed it all flat. Ta da!

Check back tomorrow when I’ll show you the awesome detail I added to the bottom.

One comment

  1. Somehow your next post posted to my Google Reader feed, but isn’t up yet I guess. Anyhow, ADORABLE. I have a packet of that printable fabric downstairs, I’m inspired to finally do something with it. (I think I’ll make an apron with this printed out and appliqued on the front. 😉

    45! Woohoo! You’re going to make it! Can’t wait to see what else you came up with. You going to have a big finale?

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