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Welcome 2012!

January 10, 2012

Ok, so I’m 10 days late to wish you all a happy new year. Sorry. I needed some time off after that last push to figure out how I wanted to approach this blog and my projects in 2012. It is not my intention to go on past the 50 crafts I’ve already completed or introduced. However, I do want to make sure that every undone project gets completed. I get a number of visitors from searches on particular techniques and I want everyone to have the opportunity to see a finished project.

So here are my goals for the new year:
– Complete all of the unfinished projects
– Put all project photos on Flickr
– Pin all completed projects on Pinterest

I do want to get this all finished, but I’m feeling a lot less time pressure to do it. Thank you all for your ongoing support. I had a fantastic year in 2011 and learned so many things, both about craft techniques and about myself. You were all a vital element in my successes (while I alone am to blame for my failures).

Because the weekly goal format worked so well for me in 2011 I decided to start a new blog for my more mundane health goals in 2012. If you care to check that out you can find it at 2012 Week by Week.