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Project 37: Punch Needle

October 6, 2011

C365 (17):Punchneedle

I thought I was so clever this evening. I finally had a few free hours stretching before me, but with no good ideas for quick projects I decided to wander through the craft store to see what I could find. A rug hook project or something similar sounded good. Unfortunately, rug hook designs are just as cheesy as they were when I was a kid, but in the same aisle there were some more interesting designs in packages labeled Punch Needle. This was a new technique for me so I picked one up.

The box claims that this is “easy and relaxing – a quick way to smile.” I had an idea that I would post my start and end times and let you all know how easy and relaxing it really was. I had a more ambitious idea that I could finish it tonight. In fact, I even bought an 8×10 frame to put it in.

My first indication of trouble was when I got it home and read the list of items included: “kit contains cotton thread, printed cotton fabric, and easy instructions. A 10 inch plastic hoop is required for stitching.” Oops, I didn’t see that while I was in the store. No matter, I have a smaller hoop in my craft supplies upstairs from a previous project. I’ll just make do.

Then I spotted, on another part of the back of the box, this final blow to my evening: “punch needle tool sold separately.”

There’s no coming back from that one. I’ll try to pick up my missing items tomorrow and work on it this weekend.

Photo by SewPixie on Flickr