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Project 44: Finished ornaments and lessons learned

December 20, 2011

Resin ornament

Here is one of my glittery resin ornaments! Cute, eh? I’m pleased with how they turned out. It took many more days than I expected for the resin to cure. They may even still be a little bit tacky but at least they’re not leaving resin and glitter on my fingers anymore. They even hang pretty evenly.

Lessons learned:
– Resin ornaments are a quick way to whip up a whole lot of little Christmas gifts at once. Just leave them some extra time to cure completely.
– If you can, pour and cure your resin outside. That stuff is stinky.
– Use a fully heat proof vessel for mixing your resin. Styrofoam and thin plastics won’t work.
– Don’t be afraid of resin! Once the chemical reaction is over it’s just an easy(ish) way to make cool stuff.

Next up: finishing up the last handful of projects. Stay tuned!


Project 44: Adding rings

December 14, 2011

Adding rings

When I poured the initial resin I did so right before I had to run out the door to get somewhere, so I didn’t get a chance to wait for it to partially set before I put in the rings for hanging. So yesterday I mixed up another batch of resin and put a thin layer on top. The rings set right in there and are hardening as we speak. We’re putting our tree up late this week so I hope to show you final ornament photos on Friday!


Project 44: Resin and other supplies

December 13, 2011

Resin supplies

See what I found for my resin ornaments? Gingerbread men! I’m excited about them. I even found red and green and silver glitter for them so they’ll be extra Christmasy.

I’ll admit that the resin intimidated me a little bit. I don’t really understand how it works. When I first mixed the two things together to make the resin I used a styrofoam cup I found in my kitchen. Fortunately my husband was home and saved me before the epoxy completely melted through the cup. Turns out that wasn’t the right vessel. We switched to a regular glass from our cupboard, but a paper cup would have worked just as well.

So I mixed the two chemicals together to make the resin, stirred in a whole mess of glitter, and poured it into the molds, like so:

Ornaments in progress

I had hoped to put metal rings into the backs to attach an ornament hanger to, but I didn’t have time to wait for them to partially set up that evening. In fact, one unfortunate gingerbread man has a metal ring floating around inside him somewhere when I experimented. I’ll show you how I solved this problem tomorrow.


Project 44: Resin ornaments

December 8, 2011

Glitter skulls from Dollar Store Crafts

I was inspired by these glitter skull pins at Dollar Store Crafts to make some resin ornaments for my Christmas tree. Will I make skulls? You’ll just have to wait and see.

Photo by Rhonda at Dollar Store Crafts