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Project 43: Finished hanger and lessons learned

December 8, 2011

Wirework hanger

It’s done! This was a quick project. Once I had the right materials it only took a few hours from start to finish. I think it’s really cute. I have never in my life considered making hangers before, but this could be sweet in a little girl’s room for a special dress or something. I also kind of like the folk art-ness of it. What do you think?

Lessons learned:
– Having the right materials makes finishing projects much easier.
– Straight lines and perfect curves are overrated.
– It is more fun to work with friends. Thanks Cheryl!

Stay tuned for another project in my pre-Christmas blitz…


Project 43: Wire hanger in progress

December 7, 2011

Wire hanger in progress

Did you guess what my wire work project would be? It’s a hanger! I found instructions to make a monogrammed hanger with beaded decorations and it looked kind of sweet. I may gift it to a certain baby I know who has a fancy new dress (or I may keep it for myself since we share a first initial).

Check back tomorrow for the finished hanger!


Project 43: Wire work materials

December 7, 2011

Wire work materials

The first time I tried to buy the materials I needed for my wire work project I stayed in the jewelry section of my local craft store. I bought two gauges: one for the structure and one for the decoration. However, the wire I bought to form the structure of my object wasn’t thick enough, so I went back and found heavier wire in the floral section of the store.

With these three wires, some beads, and a set of small jeweler’s tools I was ready to get started.


Project 43: Wire work

December 6, 2011

Wire Hangers Earrings

A month ago I was looking around for project ideas and I came across a library book with a chapter on wire work. I had never considered wire work before, but the examples the book offered were kind of interesting. Check back tomorrow to ┬ásee my wire project in progress. It’s kind of neat!

Photo by Fiore Jewellery on Flickr