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Project 26: It’s Friday already?

July 15, 2011

Wow, this week flew by and I didn’t get a single thing done. I worked a bit on the quilt but I still have nothing to show you. The only plarn in my house is a small ball I had made last year. I did embroider a few items for a baby shower tomorrow. I’ll show you those after the recipient gets them. Tomorrow evening I have plans to help a friend make cushions for a chair.

My thumb is feeling a lot better. Next week I think I’ll tackle a thumb-intensive project that I’ve been putting off since my injury, and of course I’ll need to finish the quilt and make some more plarn.

Watch this space!


Project 26: Plarn

July 11, 2011

Photo by Thoughtful Rose

This week’s project is less of a whole project and more of a project ingredient. I’m going to make plarn. Plarn is yarn made from plastic grocery bags. If I can make enough by the end of the week I may attempt a project using it, but that depends on how quickly I can finish this quilt.

Sneak peek of the quilt’s progress:

Quilt progress

More later!

Plarn bag photo by Thoughtful Rose on Flickr