DIY Workshop Deal

February 10, 2011

I’m taking a moment out of my papermaking project to let you know about a serious discount available for membership at TechShop today. TechShop is a DIY workshop with access to loads of tools and equipment. It is where I made the bookshelves, embroidered the boots, and attempted the anodizing. Thanks to today’s Groupon deal I’ll soon add wood turning, lasering, and hopefully screenprinting to the list.

The Groupon offer is for two months of membership plus 6 hours of classes for $125. It’s a ridiculous discount (normally $378). If you are local to the Raleigh area I suggest you take advantage of this one today. TechShop memberships are also valid at all locations so if you live in San Francisco or the Menlo Park area you may also want to check out this deal. I don’t think the California locations would have an obligation to honor your free classes, but even without the classes this is a discount.

Cash in on the Groupon deal here – today only: Groupon

More info about TechShop is here: TechShop RDU (or ask me in the comments)

Full disclosure: I worked at TechShop until last week so I was able to do my first projects there for free. Now I’m cashing in on this deal just like the rest of you.


  1. He’s actually going to let you in on the deal? I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I’m not eligible. 😦

    • I’ve never had a membership so I hope he does. I already bought it!

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