Project 30: Failure?

August 11, 2011

There was much frustration during my laser reservation last night. The Inkscape file that I so carefully designed wouldn’t print and wouldn’t import into the program that works best with the laser. I had hoped to not waste my 2 hours redesigning, but I had to do that anyway. And this was after begging for help to just get my file into an editable state!

By the time TechShop closed I had managed to cut something that looked like a knitting gauge, but the holes are the wrong size, the rulers I included are the wrong size, and the font is completely unreadable. I’ll show you my finished gauge tomorrow and will hopefully find an open time on the laser to reprint it sometime soon.



  1. Ugh, Amber! UGH! I’m sorry for the foiled attempt…that blasted learning curve!!!!!

  2. I’ve found that the DXF file format imports fairly predictably various vector editing programs. Hope that makes it easier. File format incompatibilities are the pits.

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